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Dear Journal,
It's 5:23 in the morning. I've been awake about all night. Talk about being bored! By the way I haven't bitten my nails since I left America and my foot almost back to normal. My book, the Cay, is so far lame, I hope with my whole heart, that it will get better. The hotel room is small but cozy. Christy and I are sharing room 304 and Mom, Dad, and Brandt are in room 305. A lot of things are different, for example the plugs, the toilet flusher, the cars, the license plates, the TV, the water faucets, and the way people speak. Right now Christy is playing our color gameboy and is being annoying, in a funny way.
Talk to ya later.6/24/99.

"America", Albert Memorial, Hyde Park, London
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On the "Big Bus" tour