European Vacation

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Today is: Where we have been:
England - June 24-June 28
France - June 29-July 5
We are currently in: Belgium - July 6-July 7
Our Home State of California, USA Netherlands - July 8-July 12
Germany - July 13-July 15
Austria - July 16-July 24
Italy - July 25-August 9

The buttons above are in the order that we will be traveling. Click on a button to see the corresponding photos.

Getting Started

Coming Home

Let's Get Going, California, USA
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Ready to board, Malpensa Airport, Milan
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Lange Family says "Goodbye"
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Waiting for our luguage, Orange County
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"Which one is mine?"
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"Home sweet home"
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For more information on one of the countries visited click here for the CIA Factbook